I'm Now Coming Clean!

Hi everyone...so I know I said I was going to post a video and do more blogs, and here it is May 12th 2020, in the midst of Covid 19 and I haven't posted anything until now!!!  Shame!!

I am now making my own soap!  By the Bar!  It's extremely fun and satisfying making my own bar soap.  I have shipped off many gift bars, just to let people try it, and I have to say, I love it!  

I used to cringe at "pure" soap because I found it to be drying and felt tacky on my skin, but the soap I'm making is wonderfully moisturizing and not tacky at all!  

I use all natural ingredients with plenty of oils and butters and wonderful essential oils to add to the luxury!  Now I have to say that while some of the bars I've made are very attractive and pretty, some...not so much.

Because I am so new to this, I have been experimenting and have two soaps here that are not square or even rectangular...they're just kind of...cut.  The two types are Argan Rose and Grapefruit Frankincense.  Both smell delightful, but their shapes are questionable and no where near being fussy.  That being said, I think I'll have to sell them by weight, not by the bar.

I will be posting them soon to buy on my website, but if there is something you think you'd like, I'd recommend putting in a order for it.  I will only have about 8 bars on hand of each and I'm having so much fun making it, the scents are sure to change!

Keep washing those hands and by Thursday I should have another product to introduce...with all this hand washing, I am making a super moisturizing, non greasy hand cream to help with all the washing and sanitizing you've been doing lately!

Health and Happiness to all!